Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from UCLA Hospital Chemo #12 Day 2

This posting includes 2 posts. One from his last chemo, which is posted below. It's been almost 2 months since I posted an update, mostly because Vince said that I was "over-exposing" him, even though it was said in a somewhat joking manner, I took that as something that I needed to respect. I have always asked his permission to post photos and talk about what he is going through, but maybe sometimes everyone just needs a break. I actually really needed one myself. I can't tell you how exhausting it is to sit and write about something that is so personal, there is a fine line of what you can and cannot tell and it actually seems to take a lot out of you.

I have also refrained from reading other stories about Ewing's patients because it can be so heartbreaking to hear the stories of loss and most of them are children because this is considered a childhood cancer. There were about 8 deaths in the last few months from this awful disease, and that's just in my own circle of mom's and wives of Ewing's patients. It breaks my heart each and every time, knowing that they will never be able to hug and kiss their precious loved ones ever again. My brain just doesn't want to go there. I know some of them are reading this and I hope they know that there are so many people lifting up prayers to Jesus on their behalf, including myself. God bless each and every one of you. May God heal your hearts in ways that only
He can do.

Vince is on day 2 of his 12th chemo and he is doing great, as usual. This time I brought the prayer quilt that a wonderful group of Christian women made for him last year when he was diagnosed. I hung it up on the wall so that we could be reminded of how God works through prayer, plus it's a great conversation piece for the nursing staff. It's gotten some attention for sure, plus it adds some color to a drab room:)

Vince and I walked to Subway a little while ago for an early dinner. It is a beautiful day in Santa Monica, California! It's about 75 perfect degrees and beautiful! Where we live it is super windy, so this is a nice change.

I took this photo yesterday of the complimentary toothbrush, toothpaste and comb that they gave Vince here at the hospital, which he calls "a cruel joke for a cancer patient"...he only wishes it could use that darn comb! LOL! At least he still has teeth to brush! LOL!

We celebrated our Thanksgiving this past Sunday because we are spending Thanksgiving Day in the hospital. We will be here until Sunday. Tomorrow there is a deli that is open for Thanksgiving, so we will probably walk over there and have our dinner with strangers, but that will make it special no matter what because Vince is doing so great and for that we are VERY THANKFUL.

We could not get through this journey without the love, mercy and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is our hope and our refuge! He carried us this whole entire time and He isn't going to ever leave us nor forsake us! He is our comfort and we give Him ALL the GLORY!!

Speaking of blessings! Jim was diagnosed with kidney cancer 10 yrs ago, just a few days before Thanksgiving Day, so this time of the year is a time to reflect and give praises for him being CANCER FREE!!! It will be 10 yrs. in Jan. (that's when he had his cancer surgery) so there are happy stories about cancer and we are shooting for two CANCER FREE patients in our family. Like Father, like Son!!!

I am also thankful that my mom was able to pull through having had a heart attack in Jan. and wasn't expected to live through it, and again, Jesus answered our prayers. I love you mom and dad!

I am also thankful for knowledgeable doctors that have helped Vince, my mom and myself get through some tough times this year.

I am thankful to all my family & friends who have brought us cookies, food, prayed, sent cards and emails to us, and to Vicki for making me a birthday cake and coming over and eating it with me and making me laugh & cry!

I am grateful to my mother in law who came to my rescue when I had surgery and fed me! That's what Italian mom's do!!! LOL!

I am grateful to my beautiful kids, grandson, and son in law...they all make me so proud and I love them so much!!

I am grateful to my wonderful husband of 22 yrs and how much he loves our family and makes us laugh! I love you:)
My condolences go out to The Cross Family. They have been our friends for 40 yrs. and Joe passed away last week. He was such a wonderful, caring man and he will be greatly missed.

My condolences go out to Francine and her family. Her precious sister lost her battle with cancer just a few months ago, she was only 45. She was diagnosed just about a week after Vince.

My condolences go out to Maria. Her precious mom passed away recently. Her son has Ewing's and was diagnosed shortly after Vince. My heart and prayers go out to her and her family. Her son is doing great and has successfully finished all his treatments.

Love and blessings for a HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all! We are truly blessed no matter what our circumstances are. We just have to look for them.

Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.
Psalm 100:4

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chemo #11

Yesterday Vince had his 11th chemo. It was the one day outpatient infusion, which is so much easier than being in the hospital. It was only about 5 hrs. long and then we came home. He is doing really good, except for a little of nausea. He is tired today, but that is to be expected.

After Vince got out of the hospital from his last chemo, he and Mikemo have been on the go. He was feeling so good and just wanted to do some of the normal things that he used to do. They both went to Sacramento, which is in Northern California, to visit another pro skater, Brandon Biebel. They were gone for 10 days and oh how we love to see them together and skating and just enjoying the simple things in life. Vince did have a cold while he was gone, but his blood counts were really good and he is staying strong.

Halloween was a few days ago and Vince and Mikemo went to a party at Skatelab, a local indoor skate park. Vince dressed up as the WWF wrestler, Stone Cold Steve Austin, which was perfect because he is bald and didn't have to shave his head! He was going to go last year, but ended up getting sick and couldn't go, so he has had the costume for a year and finally got to use it. Next year maybe he will go as a hippie since his hair will be growing back, which would be awesome!! I don't know if he will want to cut his hair for a long, long time....LOL! Mikemo was Mario from the video game, he looked great, too!

Psalms 86:4

Bring joy to your servant, for to you, O Lord, I lift up my soul.